In three steps

Technical consultancy

Our world is changing rapidly and that's why many parties ask for technical advice at a strategic level. This however results often in long-term, paid-for routes. Something we are fighting against. 

That's why we take the first steps to consultancy in one day. Nice and practical.

  • Let's talk

    We are going to ask you everything we need. During the interview we often ask the "why" question. This is how we get clarity and find out the current digital state of business and the company goals.

  • Analyse

    We start with an (technical) analysis based on the first interview. We map out which (relevant) systems are already in use. This is how we know which data is located in what place and we prevent unnecessarily duplicating business logics.

  • Roadmap

    Now that we have made a clear inventory of the wishes and know where data is located , we can translate everything into a digital roadmap. The roadmap provides insight and makes visible how large the adjustments are. Moreover, the roadmap provides insight into the lead time, the required budget and the impact on your business processes.