Launch of our new Neos website

Launch of our new Neos website

It's party time!

Tadaaa! Since today our new website is online and we are very proud of it! It has taken some doing. Because as you often see in programs like "Help my husband is a handyman", your own jobs often remain lying around. Priorities... After all, customers come first. But it worked. A new and fresh look, lots of images and a clear menu give our site the look that suits us and that we had in mind.

The proces

When building your own site, it is always tempting to take shortcuts and put something together quickly. Actually quite strange because the website is still the business card of the company. That's why we called our friends from Maibru. Together we went through the same most extensive process, which we often advise our clients. From mapping out the identity, drawing up personas, making wireframes, designs and finally, of course, realizing the website.

Onwards now

In the necessary session we came to four words 'quirky', 'personal', 'qualitative' and 'sharp'. We translated these to the site as you see it now. But of course we are still full of ideas and improvements. In the coming months we are going to introduce some more improvements and new ideas. After all, a site is never finished....