Want to do an internship or graduate as a front-end developer at Sigbar?

What does your day consist of?

As an intern or graduate student, you will be part of a close-knit team at Sigbar. We go for effective solutions that are beautiful and user-friendly. Your work matters.

We work in an open atmosphere where we make choices together. With us, coming on board really means participating and thinking along. We think together about which technology we should use for what, and how we should set up our software and platform architecture. This way we come up with the best solution for our customers.

At Sigbar you get the space to organize your work yourself. That also brings responsibilities, because it has to be a two-way street. So you are well organized and can plan your work well. Furthermore, you are analytical and can work well with others. You are always curious about new technologies and the opportunities they offer.

What do you bring?

  • Secondary degree from HBO/WO study computer science or CMD
  • Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, SASS and Webpack
  • Knowledge of Git and gitflow

What do we offer you?

We can say that we have the best internships and graduate positions (we do), but all other agencies say that too. That's why we are honest and tell it like it is.

  • Opinionated colleagues
  • A great research project in case of graduation. We always have plenty of ideas and together we come up with something that makes both of us happy
  • Good internship remuneration
  • Space to develop yourself
  • Friday afternoon it is time for a drink and to talk about something else than work
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