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Translating the power of HCS Company to web

The assignment was clear. Translate the core of HCS Company into a slick, high-quality website. The open source specialist naturally also includes an open source CMS. With Neos as the core, we started together with Maibru. 

We have created building blocks based on the different brand elements. These blocks make it possible to build crazy pages. With the inline editing you immediately see what the page or change looks like on the different devices. Content efficiency.

Zien is geloven

Het door technologie gedreven bedrijf heeft een gezicht gekregen. In dit geval gezichten. Letterlijk en figuurlijk. De gezichten weerspiegelen de fun, kwaliteit en ervaring van Open Source en Red Hat technologie. De nieuwe website is een afspiegeling van het innovatieve karakter van HCS Company, want samen bouwen zij met opdrachtgevers aan eenvoudige en open IT. Zien is geloven.

Making a difference

The new website uses the latest technologies in the field of (micro) animations and transitions. We make the difference by adding the right animations in subtle places. In addition, we use a number of smart features that make certain content inherited and therefore it doesn’t have to be kept in different places.

Are you curious about the result after reading this case?