Matching questions to people with knowledge for the biggest AI and Blockchain hackathon.


About Odyssey

Odyssey brings governments, companies and non-profit organizations in contact with innovative entrepreneurs from all over the world. Together they solve complex 21st century challenges during the world's largest Blockchain & AI hackathon by thinking out of the box. 

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The goal

Digital matchmaking

During the hackathon, teams are given limited time to offer a solution to a problem. Because the problems are often in unknown territory, the participants can think out of the box. However, in order to come to a good solution, certain knowledge is necessary. The goal Odyssey set us was to bring supply and demand together by means of a matching algorithm. 

The result


By using smart algorithms and LinkedIn integrations, users can quickly register. After the registration process, the profile can be completed if desired.

When a user is looking for help they can quickly find the right person by means of tags or questions. When he/she has found a match a request can be sent. This request arrives at the recipient after which he can accept, refuse or forward the request.

After a successful match, the requester is asked to assess the match and thus improve the algorithm.

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