Web & App development

We do almost everything online. Booking vacations, ordering food.... We are even buying cars online more and more often. But we also get our inspiration and information online. This requires super user-friendly and super fast websites, web shops and apps. Because the average visitor is really spoiled. Everything must work smoothly and quickly. Available tools must be accessible and moreover they must know which brand they are visiting, so from that point of view you also work on your customer relationship and loyalty.


Are you at the ceiling of your current website or webshop? Is your current system severely outdated and are you ready for an enticing website, shop or app that presents itself flawlessly anytime, anywhere and looks super slick too? We will make it for you. Our team of professionals will get to work for you. Design, technology, creativity and user-friendliness.


What can you expect from us? 

That you hire a team of specialists. Experienced people who can help you make the right choices. Together we make quick steps in an accessible, open and creative way. To realize a good webshop or website it is necessary that we understand you first. You explain and we ask questions. After your input and our questions, we give our unvarnished opinion and together we think about feasible solutions and which knowledge, people and tools we need to achieve the goal. In this way we make steps very quickly and you can move forward.



When creating websites, shops and apps we use our toolkit. Our toolkit consists of open source platforms and systems that already contain many functionalities out of the box. This way we can invest your budget in new features and super slick interfaces. We use Neos CMS to create user-friendly websites, Magento 2 is the system on which all our (B2B and B2C) shops run and we create custom platforms with React.

Neos CMS

Need help?


Want to know more about what we can do for your organization? Arjen can tell you all about it. We are happy to help you on your way.