AR object recognition

With augmented reality you can place 3D objects in your environment. In some cases you want interaction between real physical objects and the 3D objects. For this purpose it is necessary that the AR software recognizes the object in your environment. By aiming the camera of your phone, tablet or glasses at the object, you generate an image of the object. Smart software recognizes the object and starts the interaction.

Object recognition

In order to identify the object, the software first places a series of points on the object captured with the camera. The software takes a good look at the distinguishing value of these points. The best points lie around the contours of objects, and the divisions between different colored planes. 

Based on these points, the software generates a kind of 'digital fingerprint', with a series of more or less unique properties. This fingerprint of points can then be compared with an existing database of previously scanned objects. When enough points match, there is a match and the object is recognized. 

Now different interactions can take place. In a store, for example, product information can be shown. But it is also possible to show an explanation in 2D or 3D. So a junior mechanic with the right AR support can perform more complex repairs.

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