Technical consultancy

Our world is changing rapidly, which is why many parties ask us for strategic advice. Often when you ask for strategic advice, you end up with consultants in long-running and expensive programs. That is something we are fighting against. Which is why, together with you, we will take the first steps in one day.Practical, affordable and easily accessible.

Let's talk

We're going to get to know you. During one or more conversations we often ask the "why" question and try to gain insight into the digital landscape of your company and your goals. In this way we get clarity. We understand where you stand now. But especially also where you want to go.

Complete inventorisation

Based on the first conversation we start with an inventarisation. Sometimes we already make a choice but often we work out several possibilities. Because often we make things overly complex and come up with unnecessary functionalities. Based on this inventory and our advice you can make a thorough choice. In this way we don't build things unnecessarily and we can quickly deliver added value for your target group.

Making it concrete

Based on the chosen solution we create user stories and wireframes. These user stories describe the functionalities for both the visitor and the team what the solution ultimately has to manage. Based on the userstories we create wireframes. Wireframes are sketches of how the screens are built and where the functionalities are located.

Together, the userstories and wireframes give a good picture of how the solution will work and provide clear requirements during construction. Having your own developers in house or not yet wanting to make a final choice is no problem either. With the wireframes and the user stories they can get started without any problems..

Project or challenge to discuss? 

Let's talk about it!


Arjen likes to think along with you about digital solutions.

Without costs. Without any expectations. We promise.