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Take control of your health

Ancora Health offers an innovative health platform for consumers where medical data is brought together to provide personalized lifestyle advice to put the end user in control.

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Ancora Health has taken up the challenge to make health transparent and understandable. From reactive to preventive health care. The goal is to realize an innovative online platform that uses traditional research data and far-reaching medical analysis. The platform takes the user by the hand every step in the process. 

The desired solution is a scalable platform focused on the user experience without compromising on safety. A combination between large amounts of research data and extensive (genetic) analyses. The platform takes the user every step in the process at hand.

Insight and personalized lifestyle advice

The result

After logging in, the user is guided through the onboarding process in a number of clear steps. Essential data is collected digitally: a questionnaire about medical history, lifestyle, nutrition and well-being. A physical onboarding is followed by a physical examination, blood sampling and urine collection.

Smart algorithms and genetic analyses are applied to the data. The result is insight into biomarkers and genes and how the user can use lifestyle advice to influence his or her health in the future. This so-called health passport is compiled for the end user and provides clear insight into the current state of health and which lifestyle changes can contribute to improved health.

After the beta launch in December 2019 a closed trial has started. The first results of this trial are very positive. The platform was created by a consortium of companies and self-employed people. Sigbar is responsible for the part where we excel; making data transparent and interactive with a clear and user-friendly user interface.

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