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The Groningen based organization works towards facilitating entrepreneurship and innovation here in the North of the Netherlands. With a wide team of passionate innovators, BBENG aims on providing a diverse number of roles built upon the needs and wishes of their clients. Ranging from an innovation broker, quartermaster, business developer to a subsidy advisor, their versatility allows them to tailor their services to the client’s needs. After initial meetings, it became clear that BBENG sought after a major transition and were looking to ‘shed their skin’ after having recently enhanced their brand identity. EN

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    Jesse Schaap - Brand identity

    Ewoud Rooks - Photographer


New name, new face

Through BBENG’s desire for innovation and a modern approach, arose the need to obtain a new name, and so did the need for a new face surge. It was important for both BBENG and us to integrate their results-driven yet unique quirky vibe into the website, whilst implementing the latest technologies in the field of (micro) animations and transitions for a dynamic and personal touch to its design. 

De bereikte resultaten


En het begon allemaal met een BBENG, de lancering is eindelijk aangebroken en zo ook hun nieuwe gezicht!

De state-of-the-art lay-out geeft een goed overzicht van WIE ze zijn en WAT ze doen, als een verlengstuk van hun DNA. Naast de eerder genoemde features zorgen hoge kwaliteit animaties, horizontaal scrollen en diverse andere optimalisaties voor een snelle manier om door de website te navigeren, alles binnen twee simpele klikken.


Walk-through of BBENG's website

“The website encaptures the soul of the company. It is straightforward and possesses stunning features, like horizontal scrolls which represents our unexpected & creative side. The website represents us exactly as we are. Straight to the point, get you where you want to be without endless conversations.” EN

Anna Vellinga
Project employee & marketer at BBENG

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