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Founded in Groningen & Founded in Friesland

About Founded in Friesland

Founded in Friesland is the new brand for the Frisian startup ecosystem for startups and innovation. Founded in Friesland offers support for startup to grow to scale-up lever. With high quality startup programs they provide knowledge, inspiration and connection with the right partners. The new online platform makes the Frisian startup scene transparent and accessible.

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The challenge

A digital ecosystem

There are a lot of developments going on in the startup scene. Think of specific programs, events and partners that can help make startups successful. Visualizing what is happening and what developments are taking place is essential.

Target groups ranging from startups (looking for support) to parties looking for innovation. Founded in Friesland makes the ecosystem visible online and accessible for everyone.

Together with Founded in Friesland and Maibru we have set to work to realize the following goals:

  • Offering interactive high quality overview of the parties in the Frisian ecosystem.
  • Data centralization so that all data can be managed in one place
  • Links with ActiveCampaign & Eventbrite
  • Equipped with flexible and future-proof grid (No standard "Bootstrap").
  • Equipped with all optimizations to guarantee a high page speed.


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High quality interactive ecosystem for a new brand

The result is an efficient and flexible digital ecosystem that, based on flexible tags and different entities, provides a complete picture of the startup ecosystem in Friesland. It offers all relevant startups, programs and parties in one overview. By means of a clear filtering based on tags, you quickly have the most relevant information.

High quality animations, horizontal scrolls and several other optimizations complete the picture. By using a slick design and the latest frameworks, a distinctive and technically sophisticated platform has been realized.

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